Mobility VIP Card Game

Enterprise has determined that it wants to focus on services for this assignment. OK to match services with our own or a partner’s product.
Our target customer class is: Chinese farmers and their families living in bands of agricultural regions, typically 20 miles outside major cities.
Encourage ephemeralization in design; do more with less to create as much customer value with as few assets as possible.
Our company is a well-funded technology startup that designs and builds small, one-person mobility solutions
Globalization effectively reverses due to a number of economic, security and environmental factors. Long distance travel declines. People retreat to their communities where local food and goods production has increased.
US and Europe co-exist with South East Asia but China and India dominate world politics with Russia being isolationist and opportunist
Global movements to encourage bio-diversity after nearly a century of vast single-crop farms and single-tree forests etc. Efforts are hampered by lack of fertile land.
Individuals are allocated global carbon credits. A global carbon credit exchange market emerges that redistributes wealth from the wasteful to the efficient.
Abundance of data on safety statistics and hidden costs has spurred a movement towards risk awareness. Some people have become safety fanatics; others are prepared to trade risk for other benefits. Risk segregation occurs in some places.