Design Context

Enterprise has been slow to invest against the tide of change. Cash reserves are low and the company has had many losses in the last five years. Existing obligations are high.
Our target customer class is: Young, creative, ambitious, international and entrepreneurial. They have supercharged brains through cutting edge neuro-medicine. Global travelers who work and play hard with abundant disposable income.
We do not follow any one system but select and use what are considered the best elements of all systems.
Enterprise is strong financially but has huge resistance to changing the way it does business. Management wants a plan for steady, validated improvements and changes.
Our target customer class is: Performance enthusiast who loves high performance and fast vehicles. Loves hot rods, muscle cars, modified compacts, anything with a big power to weight ratio.
We ask and enable our customers and employees to act responsibly towards society, especially in regards to how our products or services are used.
Our company is a manufacturing firm that specializes in components and sub-assemblies for the transportation industry. Known to produce excellent interior components as well as control interfaces and electronics.
Enterprise has plenty of cash and is willing to experiment with new products and business models. Get new products out fast and let them succeed or fail in the market place.
Our target customer class is: Elderly in developed economies. Medical technology allows many octogenarians to lead active lives but products must allow for comfort, muted senses and various disabilities and special needs.