Design Context

We are a national services provider of solutions and hardware for homes. Our products support all forms of home automation, communications, security, entertainment, electronics, energy systems, etc., to create “smart” homes.
Our target customer class is: Middle-Class, extended families living in Indian mega-cities. Both parents typically work in a variety of telecommuter locations, occasional visits to headquarters. Grandparents live in house.
Our customers want the very best. Our products and services immediately connect with the customer and have a lot of “first read” appeal. Allure stimulates consumption.
We are a manufacturing and construction firm that designs, builds and installs light rail systems for urban settings.
Enterprise has determined that it wants to focus on services for this assignment. OK to match services with our own or a partner’s product.
Our target customer class is: Chinese farmers and their families living in bands of agricultural regions, typically 20 miles outside major cities.
Encourage ephemeralization in design; do more with less to create as much customer value with as few assets as possible.
Our company is a well-funded technology startup that designs and builds small, one-person mobility solutions