Transit Umbrella Share Program

Encourage bad weather ridership (& customer love) by stocking umbrellas on transit lines

Park & Ride hubs

Create strategic Park&Ride lots to drop off cars outside of a transit/pedestrian-friendly zone.

Zero Emission Vehicle Legislation

All European and US states have mandated that all transportation (road, off-road, rail, air and marine) must emit zero emissions by 2045.

Car sharing

Perhaps surprisingly, car sharing turns out to be a somewhat divisive measure for reducing car use in cities, according to our analysis.

Rapid Custom Assembly

3D “printers,” nanobots, biomanufacturing and configurable robotic assembly have made it feasible to produce many types of products from a single, well equipped facility. In most mid-to large cities, products can be made locally.

Internet Manufacturing Broker

Our company is an internet-based manufacturing brokerage that instantaneously sources local component manufacturing for complete products. Configure and order on-line and the product will be built and delivered.

Lage Scale Materials Supplier

Our company supplies cutting edge materials and processes to the transportation industry. (Like PPG, BASF)

Energy Cost Is Spiky

Costs are unpredictable as supplies of various forms of energy are unreliable, exacerbated by political instability. Energy flows to the highest bidder. Sometimes energy is moderately priced but then it spikes to very high cost.

Low Income Single Mother

Our target customers are: Single moms with low income and busy schedule of family responsibilities.

Vulnerable Population Street Design

Redesing a street exclusively with feedback from vulnerable population

Urban High Occupancy Corridors

On main thoroughfares, require all cars to carry at least 3 people

Parking & Traffic Control

In a number of European cities, regulations to remove parking spaces and alter traffic routes – in many cases, replacing the space formerly dedicated to cars with car-free streets, bike lanes and walkways – has proved highly successful.

Extreme User Interviews

HOW: Identify individuals who are extremely familiar or completely unfamiliar with the product and ask them to evaluate their experience using it

WHY: These individuals are often able to hgihlioght key issues of the design problem and provide insights for design improvements

Reduce Speed Limits

Adjust speeds to max 20mph/32kph in city, and slower near schools

Congestion Pricing

Charge cars along congested streets to reduce congestion and encourage use of other modes

Use Extensive Alliances and Partnerships

Create high value, powerful partnerships for solutions that meet the customer’s total needs.

Limited traffic zone

Rome, traditionally one of Europe’s most congested cities, has shifted the balance towards greater use of public transport by restricting car entry to its centre at certain times of day to residents only, plus those who pay an annual fee.


Reduce overall energy consumption (including operations) and promote a shift towards more energy efficient transport modes.

Climate Stabilizes

Global warming predictions prove to be exaggerated and climate change stabilizes again. Measurements in CO2 and other greenhouse gasses show rapid decline. The planet is rebalancing on its own.

Retailers With No Car-Parking

Work with retailers to rethink their business models and land land use to eliminate need for parking

Woman as Public Transport Drivers

Implement a policy to increase women drivers to at least 50%

Access to Necessities

Increase access, convenience and reliability to fundamental daily necessities that improve social mobility and quality of life, especially for underserved communities