Clean, Green but Mean

Due to dramatic environmental effects, fossil fuels are essentially illegal. All energy must be clean and green. Energy is available but it is very expensive. Renewable technology and supplies have not caught up with demand.

Hyper Allure

Our customers want the very best. Our products and services immediately connect with the customer and have a lot of “first read” appeal. Allure stimulates consumption.

Workplace parking charge

Another effective means of reducing the number of car commuters is to introduce workplace parking charges.

Wind in Our Sails

Major breakthroughs in wind turbine technology and new weather patterns have made wind energy ubiquitous. If communities want cheap energy they have turbines on the landscape.

The World Gets Big Again

Globalization effectively reverses due to a number of economic, security and environmental factors. Long distance travel declines. People retreat to their communities where local food and goods production has increased.

Alpine Slides

Strategically place a few transit slides in hilly areas

Reduce the Need for Travel

Organize society and lifestyles to reduce the need for travel.

Short work Week

People who have to go to a central place of work (factories, schools, hospitals, utility facilities, for instance), work either three or four days per week.

Public Air Quality Index

Display air quality data and visuals publicly in congested intersections

Aging Is Cured

Medical science has cracked the human micro-biology code leading to dramatic life extension and elimination of most diseases. Those that can afford the therapy can enjoy physical and mental health well beyond 120 years.

Automated Driving Systems

Robotics, accident avoidance technology, telemetry, GPS, smart infrastructure and unprecedented government/industry cooperation enable automated driving systems in developed economies. Where deployed, mobility accidents have dropped by 90% since 2005.

Play Streets

Neighborhoods choose a play street for closure one weekend a month.

Elderly Baby Boomers

Our target customer class is: Elderly in developed economies. Medical technology allows many octogenarians to lead active lives but products must allow for comfort, muted senses and various disabilities and special needs.

Shared Electric Bikes & Scooters

Deploy micromobility options to increase use of "person-sized" vehicles for short trips (instead of cars)

Performance Enthusiast

Our target customer class is: Performance enthusiast who loves high performance and fast vehicles. Loves hot rods, muscle cars, modified compacts, anything with a big power to weight ratio.

Woman as Public Transport Drivers

Implement a policy to increase women drivers to at least 50%

Energy Cost Is Spiky

Costs are unpredictable as supplies of various forms of energy are unreliable, exacerbated by political instability. Energy flows to the highest bidder. Sometimes energy is moderately priced but then it spikes to very high cost.

General Usage

To understand how, where, and by whom the mobility services are being used

Financially Troubled

Enterprise has been slow to invest against the tide of change. Cash reserves are low and the company has had many losses in the last five years. Existing obligations are high.

Population Pops

Population growth is rising much faster than predicted. This creates an imbalance between urban and rural areas: providing land for urban sprawl competes with agricultural production.