Clean Water is the New Oil

Clean water is now traded as oil used to be, by huge water supply companies. Requiring transportation across large distances, water is extremely expensive for families world-wide and virtually unobtainable for the poorest regions.

Transportation Manufacturer

Our company is a large-scale manufacturer of transportation solutions with licensed dealer networks.

Congestion Legislation

New regulations punish unused seats in vehicles. Congestion tolls have become common. Black-market services exist to get around laws. Citizen vigilantism is high to force participation.

Voluntary Simplicity

A significant percentage of developed cultures have adopted lifestyles of voluntary simplicity, favoring a slower pace and less choice. There is growing public awareness of individual modesty in the use of natural resources.

Street Reallocation

Redifine street space in dense areas to have no parking and make space for bike & transit-only lanes.

Urban Sprawl

Urban planning lobbies fail to gain political clout, leading to accelerating urban sprawl. In most locations, this leads to widespread social disharmonies, rising crime, inter-demographic tensions and traffic gridlock.

Supply and Sell Regionally

Enterprise has made priority goals to tie the product/service lifecycle to the region that it is consumed in.

Unleash Public Space

Make public spaces easy to reserve & multi-purpose on a moment's notice (markets, galleries, play, dancing)

MaaS schemes should consider specific needs in rural areas

MaaS schemes should consider the specific needs of users in rural areas where, for example, internet connectivity could be a barrier to accessing online journey planning.

Financially Troubled

Enterprise has been slow to invest against the tide of change. Cash reserves are low and the company has had many losses in the last five years. Existing obligations are high.

Virtual Tourism

Physical tourism is primarily affordable to the wealthy; the majority tour virtually thanks to high resolution 3D, on-line worlds.

Lage Scale Materials Supplier

Our company supplies cutting edge materials and processes to the transportation industry. (Like PPG, BASF)

Rapid Learning Networks

Open access to networks of trust, crowd wisdom and hi-quality data is spontaneously and rapidly educating, spreading new ideas and shifting age-old perceptions as they sweep through large populations.

Zero Emission Vehicle Legislation

All European and US states have mandated that all transportation (road, off-road, rail, air and marine) must emit zero emissions by 2045.

MaaS providers adhere to WCAG and incorporate accessibility features

MaaS platforms adhere to web content accessibility guidelines and incorporate accessibility features into their interface design, which could include screen reading features, optimised menus and buttons and features that help blind and visually impaired users interact with their device.

Personalised travel planning

Many cities have experimented with personal travel analysis and plans for individual residents, including Marseille in France, Munich in Germany, Maastricht in the Netherlands and San Sebastián in Spain.


Build small affordable housing close to city centers for single people & couples

Energy Cost Is Spiky

Costs are unpredictable as supplies of various forms of energy are unreliable, exacerbated by political instability. Energy flows to the highest bidder. Sometimes energy is moderately priced but then it spikes to very high cost.

Suitcase Nuke

A suitcase terrorist nuclear device explodes in a large Western city killing 200,000.

Performance Enthusiast

Our target customer class is: Performance enthusiast who loves high performance and fast vehicles. Loves hot rods, muscle cars, modified compacts, anything with a big power to weight ratio.

Workplace travel planning

Programmes providing company-wide travel strategies and advice to encourage employees to end their car commutes have been widely used in cities across Europe.