Global Warming Pops

The greenhouse reaches a tipping point faster than expected. Within the last five years, many low-lying coastal cities have been flooded and abandoned. Billions have relocated as traditional farming areas have shifted or disappeared.

Voluntary Simplicity

A significant percentage of developed cultures have adopted lifestyles of voluntary simplicity, favoring a slower pace and less choice. There is growing public awareness of individual modesty in the use of natural resources.


Minimize the negative environmental impacts associated with operations related to collecting redistrubuting and recharging vehicles

User personal data is always processed in a matter thart complies with data protection legislation

We recommend that all organisations involved in a MaaS scheme ensure users personal data is processed in a manner that complies with data protection legislation.

Traveler Information Systems

GPS, proximity sensing, video surveillance, person to person communication, tagging...these technologies act in real time to create an information flow which informs drivers about road conditions, dangerous drivers, etc.

What should the EMT service do to remedy this inconvenience? What information would you like to receive in such a situation (estimated delay time, alternatives of other modes...)? By what means (at the bus stop, on board, Twitter, APP, SMS, audio...)?

The bus you are on is at a standstill (due to a traffic jam, an accident or a technical problem). You don't know how long it will be stopped, so you don't know whether it's better to get off or wait. You have a lot of doubts and uncertainty.

"How Many Passengers?" Sign

Install a sign showing how many people have moved in a bus lane, car lane, and bike lane in real time

How does the PT stop environment have to be designed so that you feel safe?

You're alone at the bus stop in the evening, it's dark and you're waiting for your train.

Park & Ride hubs

Create strategic Park&Ride lots to drop off cars outside of a transit/pedestrian-friendly zone.

Personal Mobility Startup

Our company is a well-funded technology startup that designs and builds small, one-person mobility solutions

What alternative entrances to the platform level should there be and how should they be designed?

You've broken your leg; you're walking on crutches, and you want to take the tram. However, the elevator is defective, and you can't get to the platform level.

How do you react in this situation? What features should the stop have to provide clarity to the user?

You arrive at the stop and do not know when your connection will leave (only the theoretical timetable is available)


Healthy, safe travel and hazard free public spaces for riders and residents of all ages and abilities, especially vulnerable road users.

What alternative secure parking facilities should be provided? How should it be communicated which bikes fit in the tower?

You stand in front of the bike tower with a special bike. You notice that it doesn't fit in the tower.

90 Minutes Transit Rides

Implement one single fare for any transit ride, regardless of number of transfers

Jail time for Traffic Offenders

Impose long sentences on those who kill another person while driving

Energy Company

We are a major energy company that has invested to move from purely oil-based energy to a highly diversified set of energy offerings. Vertically integrated from raw materials to retail.

Suitcase Nuke

A suitcase terrorist nuclear device explodes in a large Western city killing 200,000.

Encourage Telecommuting

Increase public awareness of telecommuting benefits and rights

Car Ownership Hurdles

Make owning and parking a car in the city expensive and hard