Vehicle Condition

Ensure shared mobility vehicles are safe and physically able to withstand the rigors of operating every day.


To create dedicated, protected spaces and parking for active mobility solutions and ensure safety for both pedestiand and riders of all ages and abilities

What is the most convenient way for you to get information on changes in the bus service (while in the bus)?

You are on the bus to the city centre. Again deviations due to an event! Where do I have to get off the bus?

What information would you like to receive before the bus arrives (bus destination, occupancy, space availability for VRUs...)? By what means (at the bus stop, on board, Twitter, APP, SMS, audio...)?

The bus you want to catch is approaching the stop where you are. You are uncomfortable getting on a bus and there is no room to sit down, or it is too crowded, for example. You are also afraid of getting on the wrong bus.

MIVB MaaS programma

MaaS programma bij STIB kadert binnen het mandaat dat MIVB & Brussel mobiliteit kregen in 2019 om een MaaS oplossing (front- en backend) te ontwikkelen. MaaS is een van de elementen binnen het GoodMove plan waarbij een modal shift wordt beoogt.

Antwerp Tax

Taxi, minibus, limoservice en cermoniewagens
Meer dan 280 goed opgeleide chauffeurs en stijlvolle medewerkers spannen zich dagelijks in om uw verplaatsing comfortabel en veilig te laten verlopen. 365 dagen per jaar, 24 uur op 24.

Belgische MAAS Alliance

To get MaaS up-and-running in Belgium, created a Belgian MaaS alliance where specific targets are set focusing on enablers such as the legal framework for MaaS (e.g. approval of a β€˜real’ mobility budget), market development, user awareness and technical enablers.


Safety for the professional on the road


Our app bundles all your mobility services in 1 place. With the Mobiflow-app you plan, book and pay for your trip in no time! With Mobiflow, you can: - Order a taxi
- Use charging points for your electric vehicle - Book a tram & bus ticket of De Lijn

Data sharing is reciprocate

We recommend MaaS platform providers reciprocate data sharing where possible, for example, sharing anonymised passenger travel data to support transport operator planning and operations activities.

Test Card

Mobile phone technology has a growing role in strategies to reduce car use. The Italian city of Bologna, for example, developed an app for people and teams of employees from participating companies to track their mobility.

Car Purchase Coupon

Give lower income households 1000€ reduction on the price of a car


Bij Payflip kennen we alles van slim verlonen. Wij bouwen een tool die jouw verloningsbeleid analyseert aan de hand van enkele vragen. Op basis daarvan stellen we optimalisaties voor die een win-win zijn voor werkgever Γ©n werknemer.

Car sharing

Perhaps surprisingly, car sharing turns out to be a somewhat divisive measure for reducing car use in cities, according to our analysis.