Vulog builds the technology solutions that power the most successful carsharing services in the world
Smart, Flexible, Simple:
our solutions for carsharing (free-floating, round-trip, scheduled booking...), micromobility (scootersharing, moped-sharing), corporate, rental digitalization, peer-to-peer and autonomous vehicles are fostering a greener mobility around the world.

Mob analysis; on-demand platform; autonomous vehicles

Everyone should have the freedom to move. With cities more congested and lives more connected, we need a new way to travel from A to B. One solution that’s clever, simple to use and kind to the environment whenever you need to move, wherever you are. That’s KINTO, from Toyota and Lexus.

KINTO’s origins lie in the word Kinto-un – Japanese for ‘flying nimbus’ – a service that quickly appears and, no matter where you are or what time it is, takes you wherever you wish to go.

Like so many others, you have certainly been in a situation, when you needed a car. Perhaps it was for a one-way trip, maybe you missed your bus and it was raining; or your car was in the shop. Sometimes life is just easier with a car.

Move forward with us. Responsible rides to enhance our cities and build a cleaner, safer, more connected world.

Bij Payflip kennen we alles van slim verlonen. Wij bouwen een tool die jouw verloningsbeleid analyseert aan de hand van enkele vragen. Op basis daarvan stellen we optimalisaties voor die een win-win zijn voor werkgever én werknemer. Een gemotiveerd team met lagere loonkosten, dat is onze belofte!

mbrella brings flexible mobility solutions to your employees. We’re a B2B, back-office provider that enables flexible mobility in your company for all employees, with or without company cars.

Our intelligent transportation system’s backbone software helps for coordinated teamwork among the different traffic management divisions.
It helps the public authorities and personnel whom are responsible from daily traffic management, by enabling them to manage the different components of the traffic network, simultaneously from a single platform.
It increases the operational efficiency of the traffic operators and their respective departments by decreasing the administrative burden of managing isolated traffic divisions.